Two Injured After Truck Crash on Ohio Turnpike

Two truckers were hurt – one with serious injuries – when a big rig crashed on the Ohio Turnpike in a construction zone in Maumee OH on Sept. 22, the Ohio Highway Patrol reported. 

Duah Kwaku, 57, of Manchester KY, was resting in the sleeper section of the truck and was trapped in the truck wreckage for two hours before he was pulled out with the help of the Jaws of Life. He suffered serious personal injuries and was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

Winston Hutchinson, 51, of Las Vegas, who was driving, was transported to a hospital with minor injuries.


The truck was going eastbound on I-90 near the Maumee-Toledo exit at 3:20 AM when it drove off the side of the road, hit the embankment and flipped onto its side.

Our View

Truck accidents often result in very serious personal injuries, given their size and weight. Unfortunately, we represent the victims of many truck accidents that were usually caused by truck driver error. Given that this trucker lost control of his rig in the middle of the night, it is possible that he fell asleep behind the wheel, leading to a very serious crash and personal injuries.

Truck drivers are obligated to make sure that they are well rested when they start their driving shift, and they should never drive more than they are legally allowed according to federal rules. The CDL manual in our state of Virginia stresses many times that truckers must always make sure they have had adequate rest before driving.

The seriously injured trucker will likely need months of recovery, if he is lucky enough to survive. He would benefit from receiving compensation in a personal injury lawsuit so that he can recover from his injuries and receive the care that he needs.