Deadly I-81 Truck Crash Kills 79 Year-Old Woman

Virginia State Police are investigating a deadly truck crash on I-81 in Pulaski County that took the life of a 79 year-old woman. The crash occurred on Sunday at 1 PM. 

The police stated that Hazel Mumpower from Alexandria VA was a passenger in a Toyota Camry that was going north on I-81. The tractor trailer driver, Alan Jordan from Manassas VA, changed lanes into the car.


This caused the Toyota to spin out of control, run off the left side of the interstate, and slam into the guardrail.

The elderly woman was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. The driver of the Toyota had minor injuries. Another passenger was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The truck driver was charged with making an improper lane change.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys who specialize in truck crashes in Virginia have seen these types of truck accidents too often. Truck drivers have a CDL license and must drive with great care because their trucks are very large and heavy and can cause serious personal injury and death if driven carelessly.

The VA CDL manual states that truck drivers must carefully use their side mirrors when they are changing lanes or merging. These mirrors are designed to show the entire length of the truck cab and trailer, so the truck driver should have seen the driver of the Camry in his side mirror.

Our personal injury attorneys have handled wrongful death lawsuits involving tractor trailer crashes in the past. Sometimes truck drivers drive negligently and this leads to serious personal injuries or death. The loved ones of the lost have the legal right to seek compensation from the truck driver and his company if he or that company are found legally at fault for the accident. This can lead to substantial settlements that can help to at least replace the lost income of the deceased loved one.