7 Year Old Dies in Rear End Tractor Trailer Crash in OH

A seven year old child has died four days after being in a truck crash on I-270 near Columbus OH. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office stated that there was a serious big rig crash on Sept. 16 at 3:47 pm that led to the death of the child.

Deputies reported that a 2007 Freightliner truck slammed into the rear of a Chevrolet Traverse. The Chevrolet then hit the rear of a Toyota Camry.


Four children were in the back of the Chevrolet and all were seriously injured, with one child dying later. The parents had minor injuries.

Our View

Our Virginia tractor trailer crash attorneys wish we would no longer see these preventable rear end tractor trailer crashes. It is very important for all tractor trailer drivers to drive responsibly, to not drive beyond legal limits, and to never text while driving or talk on a cell phone.

We hope in the near future that automatic braking devices will be featured on all trucks that will largely prevent these types of deadly rear end crashes.

The parents, after they recover from their shock and devastation to losing a child and having others with serious personal injuries, should talk to a personal injury attorney about a wrongful death lawsuit, as this could provide millions to help care for the surviving children.