Truck Driver Killed, 1 Driver Charged with DUI

A tractor trailer driver was killed in a fiery crash on I-95 in Connecticut near Westport that closed the interstate for 11 hours. The state police have charged the other driver with DUI. 

The tanker truck and the car collided near exit 17 on I-95 south at 7 PM on Sept. 26. This caused the truck to roll, land on its roof and burst into flames. The truck driver died at the scene.


The driver of the sedan was charged with DUI and was released on $10,000 bond.

Our View

As Virginia truck crash attorneys, we see too many truck crashes that end up in serious personal injury or death. Many of our past clients were car drivers who were the victim of a negligent truck driver. We do see cases such as the above however, where the truck driver was driving responsibly and an irresponsible car driver causes a deadly crash with a truck.

The family of this truck driver should know that the car driver should have to face far more than criminal consequences for his alleged drunk driving. He also should face a wrongful death lawsuit and have to pay out, hopefully, millions of dollars for his reckless actions. Many wrongful death truck accidents result in pay outs of millions, and if he is convicted of drunk driving, he could face punitive damages too.