Fatal Louisiana Tow Truck Crash Kills 3 Pedestrians

The owner of a towing company in New Orleand LA stated that one of his drivers suffered a seizure that caused him to careen off the road and kill three pedestrians. 


According to the owner of All Night Towing and Recovery, the driver was about to drop off a car he was towing when he approached South Carrollton Ave. in New Orleans and blacked out when he had a seizure.

The driver was not seriously injured, but three pedestrians were killed at the scene.

Our View

Our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in Virginia send our condolences to the Louisiana families who lost their loved ones in this truck accident. While it sounds as if the truck driver suffered a medical emergency, the towing company still can be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. These types of companies are usually well insured and there should be a number of insurance polices in place that can pay the families in a civil lawsuit.

When a truck driver has a medical issue, the question is whether it was disclosed to a physician in any mandatory physicals, and whether the condition was known and controlled properly with medications.  If it was foreseeable that the condition could endanger safe driving, this could be a negligent act.  As experienced Virginia and Carolina trucking injury attorneys, we normally investigate the medical history of the driver in a case where the driver’s medical condition and history is relevant.

For anyone who has lost a loved one in an accident and is not sure what to do, please download our free guide. This guide will provide you with legal options after such a tragedy.