Truck Driver Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver in Connecticut

A tractor trailer driver from Woodbury CT died Sept. 28 when his rig was struck by a suspected drunk driver on I-95 south near Wesport CT. The driver of the other vehicle has been arrested on a charge of DUI.


The truck driver, Thomas P. Reynolds, was killed in the truck crash when his truck slammed into a guard rail and flipped over. The truck also caught fire and slammed into a tree. 

Arrested at the truck crash scene was Rames T. Rival, who was not hurt in the wreck. The crash happened when his car veered to the right and slammed into the truck. That collision caused the big rig to sweve off the road and hit the guard rail.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys often represent the families of victims of drunk drivers. Far too many innocent drivers are killed or seriously injured in drunk driving accidents every year. While there is nothing we can do to undo the catastrophic injuries and fatalities of drunk driving crashes, we can make sure that the convicted drunk driver pays a heavy financial price.

One of our attorneys, Ed Booth, won a $3.5 million jury verdict in 2015 against a drunk driver in Newport News VA. The drunk driver caused terrible personal injuries to his client, who was a school teacher. She broke most of the major bones in her body, and also have anoxic brain damage and a collapsed lung. She survived, but she will never be 100% again. We are glad that Ed was able to obtain a small measure of justice for her.