Two Motorcyclists Killed by Tractor Trailer in NC

Two people riding a motorcycle were killed in North Carolina on Oct. 5 when the riders were hit by a tractor trailer. The crash happened on NC 11 near Alexander Brown Rd. Both riders were dead at the scene. 

The North Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the two men were going south on the motorcycle when a big rig rear ended them. The truck driver did not suffer any injuries.

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The tractor trailer crash is still being investigated by the North Carolina Highway Patro. No charges have been filed yet, and alcohol was not related to the crash.

Our View

Our truck accident personal injury attorneys are saddened that this preventable truck accident occurred and cost two lives. Many serious personal injuries and deaths occur every year due to truck drivers not keeping their eyes on the road.

There are many reasons for distracted driving that leads to personal injuries or fatalities. Many truck drivers drive longer than they are legally allowed. Also, many truck drivers try to pass the time as they drive by texting or talking on cell phones.

All truck drivers have an obligation to drive no more than they are legally allowed each week. They also must pay close attention to the road when they are behind the truck’s wheel.

Unfortunately, distracted driving is often deadly when it involves a truck. If you do not pay attention while driving and kill someone, you can be held liable in a wrongful death action in North Carolina or Virginia. These wrongful death lawsuits can win the grieving family a very high financial settlement, which usually contains money for pain and suffering, funeral costs, and lost wages.