Drunk Driver Kills Tanker Truck Driver in Connecticut Crash

A tanker truck driver was killed on Sept. 29 in Connecticut when a Mercedes driven by a suspected drunk driver hit his rig on I-95. The crash occurred in the evening and caused southbound I-95 to be shut down for several hours. 


Connecticut State Police stated that the truck driver, 64, was killed when his tanker truck flipped after it made contact with the swerving Mercedes driven by a 35 year old male. The contact with the Mercedes caused the truck to veer to the right and hit a metal guardrail. The truck then flipped and slammed into a lightpole and tree.

The Mercedes driver was not hurt.

Our View

Our personal injury DUI attorneys regularly sue drunk drivers in civil court and win financial awards for injured clients as well as their families when the victim is deceased. Drunk driving happens far too often in our country, and the least we can do as personal injury attorneys is to file lawsuits against them to serve as a warning to other drivers to never drink and drive.

In the above case, the family should file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Mercedes driver. Given that the car he is driving, he could have substantial assets. Wrongful death claims can often result in large settlements.