1 Dead and 43 Injured in Tour Bus/Truck Wreck

One person died and 43 were injured in a crash between a tour bus and a tractor trailer in Gilmer County GA. The truck accident happened on Highway 515 at Whitestone Rd. near the town of Ellijay. 

The Georgia State Highway Patrol stated that the big rig was attempting to turn left onto the southbound part of the highway, but he had to stop in the northbound lanes because there was oncoming traffic. The bus slammed into the truck at that point.


The Georgia troopers at the scene noted that state law states that when a motor vehicle is pulling out of an intersection, they must clear the intersection; they may not stop in the middle of the intersection in that fashion.

One person on the bus died and 43 injured. the truck driver was not seriously hurt.

Our View

This is a clear case of driver error on the part of the truck driver, as the Georgia state police made clear in their statements at the scene. It is a tragic, avoidable truck crash that should never have happened. The truck driver knows that he must be able to clear the entire intersection safely as he is trying to make a left turn in that way. Whether he was in a hurry or simply was not paying attention is not relevant.

Our truck crash attorneys often deal with these types of cases involving serious injury and death. We have often seen truck drivers simply not see cars stopped clearly in front of them, slamming into the car and causing life changing injuries to children. Inattention or being in a hurry is no excuse for serious injuring or killing innocent people. Fortunately, personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits can be filed that can provide needed funds for the injured or grieving families.