North Carolina Big Rig Driver Killed While Rendering Assistance in Crash

A North Carolina tractor trailer driver died after he was hit while trying to help a car driver who had rear ended his truck near Charlotte, North Carolina on I-85. 

The Charlotte police stated that the night time crash on Oct. 21 happened when a car rear ended the first tractor trailer. Both the car and the big rig pulled over onto the shoulder. The truck driver got out of his rig to check on the car driver. He was then hit and killed by another tractor trailer.


A state trooper who responded to the accident warned all drivers to use extreme caution when exiting their vehicle on an interstate, even when they are on the shoulder. Distracted drivers often are not paying attention to vehicles that are pulled over.

Our View

Our hearts go out to the truck driver who was simply trying to help the driver of the vehicle that rear ended his truck. If that truck driver had simply slowed down and/or moved over, the accident probably never would have happened. Also, the original accident could have been avoided if the car driver had been paying attention to the road.

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