Two Austin TX Musicians Killed in North Carolina Truck Crash

A tractor trailer crash on I-95 in North Carolina killed two musicians from Austin, Texas, according to the North Carolina State Police.

The musicians’ names were Chris Porter and Mitchell Vandenburg, and both died when a tractor trailer slammed into the rear of the car on October 17.


The accident happened near Smithfield, North Carolina, southeast of Raliegh. A state trooper at the crash scene reported that their car was hit from behind by a big rig, before being pushed underneath the trailer of the truck behind them.

Witnesses reported that the rig that caused the fatal rear end crash in North Carolina failed to slow down in heavy traffic on Interstate 95.

The musicians had just completed a gig in Charleston, South Carolina, and were driving to Baltimore, Maryland, when the crash occurred that killed them both and left another passenger seriously hurt.

Our View

Our hearts go out to the grieving families and friends in this tragic rear end truck crash in North Carolina. Rear end tractor trailer crashes are devasating and usually result in very serious personal injury or death. Our North Carolina truck accident attorneys have won truck crash wrongful death settlements in the past, such as this wrongful death settlement for $3.5 million. 

If the families do decide to file a North Carolina wrongful death lawsuit in this tragic truck crash, they should noted that North Carolina state law has no cap on personal injury or wrongful death claims in truck and car accidents.

North Carolina state law also states that the family may recover the following damages in a wrongful death action:

  • Medical expenses resulting from the injury causing death
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering of the decedent
  • Funeral expenses, within reason
  • Present monetary value to statuatory beneficiaries of reasonably expected, including net income of decedent; services, protection and care from decedent and society and companionship from decedent, and punitive damages.