Tractor Trailer Driver Runs Red Light in Major Accident

A truck driver in East Rutherform NJ ran a red light and his rig slammed into a minivan on Route 120, near the Meadowlands Sports Complex. The minivan driver was seriously injured. 

The truck crash victim had to be cut out of the minivan after the wreck, which occurred on November 2 at 1:45 PM.


According to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Fatal Accident Unit and the East Rutherford Police Department, the tractor trailer was going south on the freeway and did not stop for a red light, slamming into the 2001 Honda Odyssey at high speed.

Our View

Our tractor trailer crash attorneys see far too many personal injury lawsuits where a tractor trailer driver fails to drive safety, leading to personal injury or death of an innocent person.

We do not know why the truck driver did not stop at that red light in New Jersey, but we can surmise  that he was somehow distracted. Distracted driving is exceedingly dangerous, especially when the distracted driver is driving an 80,000 pound truck and trailer.

Our CDL manual in Virginia points out the importance of truck drivers always looking 12-15 seconds ahead at least, while driving. When driving at highway speed, the driver might even need to look further ahead.

For injured drivers in truck accidents, or their loved ones where a truck crash results in death, you should remember that you do have the option of filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. You can receive compensation for your injuries, and/or your pain and suffering.

We recently won this $2.25 million wrongful death lawsuit where a trucker on I-95 in Virginia sideswiped and killed a man who was attending to his disabled vehicle on the highway shoulder.