One Man Dies in Foggy Florida Truck Crash

A fatal truck crash in Groveland, Florida on Oct. 31 killed one and left another man injured. 

The Florida Highway Patrol stated that a tractor trailer was at a stop sign sign on Independence Blvd. in Groveland, Florida and tried to turn left onto US 27 and turned into the path of a pick up truck.


A pick up truck that was driven by a 21 year old man slid under the tractor trailer and was killed on impact. Three other vehicles hit the tractor trailer as well, and several people suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses said the weather conditions were foggy, and that the truck driver apparently could not see the oncoming traffic when he made his left turn.

Our View

Our tractor trailer crash attorneys in Virginia regret that this truck crash led to loss of life. Many truck accidents are caused by poor weather conditions, but it is the responsibility of the truck driver to be sure that he is driving his truck in a safe manner, regardless of weather.

The Virginia CDL manual advises that truck drivers need to be much more cautious when the weather conditions are poor and visibility is limited. If the truck driver could not see well enough to make the turn safely, he should have pulled over and waited for the fog to clear.

When truck drivers make mistakes, the results can be serious injury or death. At the very least, the grieving family members have the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit, which could in some cases result in a settlement of several million dollars.