Maryland Man Killed by Jackknifed Tractor Trailer

A man in Maryland was killed on I-70 on Dec. 7 after a big rig driver lost control and slammed into his car where I-70 and I-270

The man, who was a resident of Frederick, Maryland, was killed at 5:30 am as he was merging onto I-270 southbound. There was traffic ahead, and the tractor trailer next to him slammed on his brakes. The truck then jackknifed and the trailer swung to the left and hit the man’s car, which caused the car to slam into the back of a pick up truck in front of him. The driver died at the scene.

Our View

Our Virginia and North Carolina tractor trailer accident lawyers send our condolences to the family of the man who died in this tragic Maryland truck crash. We have years of experience in tractor trailer crashes resulting in death and serious injury, and we want to point out the importance of truck drivers always making sure they drive at a safe speed.

Our Virginia CDL Manual states that most crashes and deaths on the roads occur because drivers are going too fast. From the description in this story, it would appear that the truck driver was driving too fast given the fact that there was traffic ahead of him. He was not able to slow down in time and he lost control of his rig.

This case is all the more tragic because the man was a father with two young children. Families in this type of difficult situation should know that filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company can provide the children with potentially millions of dollars in a wrongful death settlement. We have settled many truck crash cases in wrongful death lawsuits for large settlements, and this case could qualify for such a settlement, potentially.