Tractor Trailer Driver Dies in DUI Crash

A driver collided with a tractor trailer in Lakeland, Mississippi, seriously injuring himself and the trucker, who later died from his injuries.


The crash happened in November 2015, but it was only this week that the Mississippi police arrested the car driver on charges of vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter. 

The Mississippi prosecutors stated that on Nov. 21, 2015, the car driver was thought to have been intoxicated when his car entered the eastbound lane of Memorial Blvd. in Lakeland and slammed into the tractor trailer nearly head on.

The impact tore off the driver’s side of the truck, which severed the truck driver’s seatbelt and threw him from his cab. He was taken to a hospital in the area in critical condition.

The car driver was found later to have a BAC of 0.209, which is three times the legal limit.

The police found out that the truck driver died in mid 2016. The death certificate stated that he died from respiratory failure, which was related to the trauma in the truck accident.

Our View

We are saddened that an innocent truck driver died in this terrible drunk driving accident. Our DUI attorneys in North Carolina and Virginia only sue the convicted drunk drivers in these types of cases.

While the drunk driver will likely do some jail time, at least he will eventually be able to continue to live his life. The other driver is not so lucky.

Many grieving families who have lost a loved one to a druk driver sue for wrongful death so that they can get compensation for their pain and suffering. The funds, which can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in some cases, can also be very useful to secure the financial future of dependents.