Tanker Near Baltimore Explodes Into Flames in Crash

A deadly 67 vehicle pile up occurred on I-95 near Baltimore on December 16, which included a tanker truck full of fuel rolling off an overpass, falling onto railroad tracks below and exploding. 

The truck driver died in the accident, and one other person was killed in the massive pile up that was caused in part by a major winter storm in the Washington DC area.


Investigators for the Maryland state police are investigating the entire accident to determine exactly what happened and why. There were 23 people who were injured in the multiple crashes involving nearly 70 vehicles, including the tanker. Two of them are in critical condition and three are in fair condition.

Investigators say that it is clear that icy roads played a role in the Baltimore area pile up, but police are trying to determine if anyone noted anything unusual, such as a driver driving dangerously.

One witness of the tanker crash recorded a video of the accident, which has since gone viral. That video appears to show the tanker truck driving too fast for conditions, slamming into stopped traffic and rolling off the overpass onto the train tracks below and exploding.

Our View

This clearly was a massive accident in the Baltimore area, and we send our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. It is too early to determine the exact cause or causes of the car and tractor trailer accidents that transpired that night.

It will be interesting for our personal injury and truck crash attorneys in Virginia to see if investigators can determine if the truck driver was driving too fast for conditions, which may have led to that fatal accident. It also is unknown at this time if that collision injured anyone else.

As details emerge from this terrible accident, those affected should note that drivers or companies that may have been negligent can be sued in civil court so that surviving family or the injured can be compensated. These types of lawsuits, when involving death and serious injury, are major cases that can result in substantial compensation for those who were affected.