3 People Dead in NYC Tractor Trailer Crash

At least three people died and several others were hurt in a multi-vehicle wreck on the Cross Bronx Expressway in New York City on Dec. 27. 

The NYPD Highway District stated that a tractor trailer was stopped in traffic in the middle lane of the expressway near Webster Avenue in New York City. A second 18 wheeler failed to stop and caused a major accident, slamming into the first 18 wheeler and a Ford pick up truck that had stopped behind it. A Toytoa Corolla also was hit.


The Corolla was thrown onto the top of the highway’s center divider, and the pick up truck was smashed under the second tractor trailer.

Three of the five passengers in the pick up truck died. Two others in the pick up truck and another victim the Corolla were taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Our View

All of our tractor trailer personal injury attorneys send our condolences to the families of the men who died in this crash. It is unfortunately common for some tractor trailer drivers to be distracted while driving and to rear end traffic that is stopped in front of them.

There are many reasons they may be distracted from their driving: falling asleep, texting on a cell phone, playing with the radio, or talking to passengers are all common reasons.

Whatever the reason, three innocent people are dead in a preventable rear end truck crash. The families of the deceased will want answers for why this happened, and will probably want to obtain financial compensation for their loss in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our wrongful death attorneys in Virginia have handled these types of rear end truck crashes before; one of those cases involved a tractor trailer driver in  Virginia rear ending a vehicle that was driving slowly on the highway after a tire problem.

Even though the defense tried to argue that the crash was the car driver’s fault, our experienced personal injury attorneys settled that case for $3.5 million.