Tractor Trailer Crash Kills Woman in Pennsylvania

A woman was killed when a tractor trailer hit her vehicle in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on Dec. 30. 

The Pennsylvania State Police stated that the fatal crash happened in the town of Denver, Pennsylvania, near the intersection of Warwick Road and Rothsville Road. They stated that the tractor trailer struck her Ford Focus in the intersection when the truck failed to yield.


First responders at the tractor trailer crash scene stated that they found three vehicles involved in the wreck, and they had to extricate the woman from her Focus. She died on the way to the hospital.

Our View

All tractor trailer drivers must be aware that it is their duty as commercial truck drivers to obey all traffic laws at all times. According to this report, the truck driver may have failed to stop at an intersection or ran a traffic light. Trucks weigh as much as 20 times as much as a small car, so it is extremely dangerous to regular drivers if truck drivers fail to obey traffic laws.

Our truck accident personal injury attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina work on many cases each year where the truck driver does not drive safely. Terrible tragedy is often the result. This $3.5 million truck crash settlement case in Norfolk, Virginia resulted from a tractor trailer rear ending a slow moving car on the interstate. Our client was trapped in the car as it burst into flame and he died.

Our personal injury attorneys showed in the wrongful death lawsuit that the truck driver had a medical condition that he was not controlling properly and this contributed to the crash. The settlement money was necessary to provide financial support for the deceased driver’s family.