Deadly Alabama Truck Crash May Lead to Town Traffic Safety Changes

Anniston, Alabama city officials on December 28 visited the site of a fatal tractor trailer crash on US 431 that killed two people. Anniston city leaders intend to meet on January 5 to discuss how to improve traffic safety there. 

According to local media reports, the driver and passenger of a Toyota Solara died at the intersection of Coleman Road and US 431 in Anniston on Dec. 25. The Toyota  was attempting to turn left when a tractor trailer hit it at high speed.

The tractor trailer driver told the police that his brakes failed and he was not able to stop at the intersection.


There currently is no traffic light at the intersection, but city officials are studying whether to a light should be installed there. Local residents have complained about the heavy traffic at the intersection, and also that there is a school nearby.

Our View

Our truck crash attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina regret that this terrible truck accident led to two people being killed. We cannot say for certain whether the design of the intersection and the lack of a traffic light contributed to this fatal truck crash.

However, it alarms us that the truck driver reported that his brakes failed. Our Virginia CDL manual states that truck drivers are responsible for conducting regular, daily inspections before they start their driving for the day.

For example, they should be looking for cracked drums, worn pads and shoes, cracked and worn air hoses, and broken or loose slack adjusters.

It is the obligation of the truck driver and the trucking company to ensure that the truck is safe to drive. If they do not and a deadly accident occurs, they could be found liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. Our wrongful death attorneys have won many of these settlements over the years, including this $2.25 million settlement. This type of legal action can be beneficial for the grieving family to replace lost income and to plan their finances in the future.