Fatal, 6 Vehicle Crash Shuts Down Part of I-80 in PA

Two people died in a six vehicle crash on I-80 in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The fatal truck accident happened at 12:30 AM on Jan. 9 near exit 161.

The Pennsylvania State Police stated that a tractor trailer going east on I-80 in Marion Township slid off the right side of the road and was disabled. Part of the trailer was still on the highway. Then a second tractor trailer stopped in the right hand lane of the highway due to the obstruction.

That tractor trailer was hit in the rear by a third tractor trailer. That crash caused another car to hit the third truck, and a fourth tractor trailer hit the third tractor trailer, which led to two more cars crashing into the disabled vehicles.


The driver of the third and fourth tractor trailers were dead at the scene, and three others were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Our View

Our tractor trailer accident, wrongful death attorneys send our condolences to the families of the deceased. These types of tractor trailer crashes that involve several vehicles are very complicated, and it requires the expertise of a very experienced team of wrongful death attorneys to ensure that the grieving families receive just compensation.

Our wrongful death attorneys in Virginia recently represented a family of a deceased truck driver who was killed on I-95 in Virginia. His rig became disabled, and he was on the shoulder of the highway checking his truck. Another truck came along, sideswiped our client and killed him instantly.

This case was immediately complicated when the truck driver who killed our client himself passed away from an underlying illness.

One of our key legal strategies that led to a $2.25 million settlement was to obtain the medical records of the responsible truck driver. It was clear that an underlying medical condition led to his death, and this could have had an effect on his driving abilities.

The trucking company claimed that their driver had a sudden medical emergency that could not be foreseen that caused the truck crash. But our lawyers were able to show that he had an underlying medical condition that he should have known about.

The bottom line is that tractor trailer crashes can get complex very quickly. It takes a very good wrongful death attorney to attain the best result.