Tractor Trailer Crash in Lynchburg VA Injures 2

Two people were hurt in a tractor trailer crash on US 29 in Lynchburg, Virginia on Jan. 14.

The Virginia State Police stated that a 55 year old woman and her daughter were taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after her minivan was hit by a big rig on US 29 northbound.


The police noted that the truck driver hit the rear of the minivan, which was then shoved under another tractor trailer in front of her.

The first tractor trailer driver was cited for following to close.

Our View

Commercial truck drivers are trained to follow traffic at a safe distance. It is well known that trucks are much larger and heavier than regular passenger vehicles, and it takes much longer for big rigs to stop.

When tractor trailer drivers do not drive safety as they are obligated to do, as holders of a commercial driver’s license, they can seriously injure other people. The story above describe’s the injured parties’ injures as non-life-threatening. However, their injuries could still be quite serious, and could prevent them from working or enjoying life for months to come.

Many truck accident victims in their situation file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for their injuries and lost work time.

Our tractor trailer injury attorneys represented a man whose pick up truck hit our client’s tractor trailer head on. Our client had serious injuries to his shoulders, knee and hand that prevented him from working for six months. We sued and obtained a settlement for $550,000.