Several in Baltimore Injured in Wreck with Tractor Trailer Car Carrier

Maryland State Police reported that a serious truck accident in Bel Air, Maryland on Jan. 25 left several people injured. They reported that a car carrier tractor trailer hit 14 cars at 5 PM on Bel Air Road near Plaza Ford in Bel Air. 

The commercial truck was going south on Route 1 when it crossed over into the northbound lanes and hit the 14 cars. The police stated that seven people suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital.

Serious truck crash in Baltimore MD.
Serious truck crash in Baltimore MD.

According to the truck driver, he crossed the double yellow line to avoid hitting another car.

Our View

A total of 3852 people died in tractor trailer crashes in 2015, and the majority of them were car occupants. Trucks are much larger and heavier than cars, and serious injuries and deaths happen every year with innocent car drivers being hit by trucks.

Because trucks are so much larger than cars, commercial vehicle license holders are taught to drive with great care and to always obey the speed limit. If they do not do so, very serious accidents can happen.

Our personal injury attorneys licensed in Virginia and North Carolina are familiar with the very serious injuries that truck crashes can cause. We worked on a case a few years ago where our client in Norfolk, Virginia was driving her car on a four lane road. Her car was hit head on by a tractor trailer coming the other direction.

The EMTs who responded found the woman with traumatic injuries, and she was unconscious. She was taken to a local hospital for several emergency surgeries. Her car was destroyed.

The woman was in a coma for three weeks, and she was unable to move her left side. Fortunately, she did awaken with time, and she was even able to speak. However, she was left with a brain injury.

After more surgery, she was able to use her left leg again, but could not move her left arm. She eventually was evaluated by a neuropsychiatrist and found to have a traumatic brain injury and memory loss.

The woman is going to need physical therapy for years and more surgeries so that she will be able to use her left arm more. She at this time has no feeling or ability to move her left arm.

On the date of the truck crash, she was an administrative assistant. She can no longer work and is totally disabled. She incurred more than $200,000 in medical expenses, and also has lost her job and salary. We were pleased to be able to get her a $600,000 settlement so that she will be able to continue to get the medical help she needs.