Florida Man Run Over While Working on Tractor Trailer

A 19 year old man from Kissimmee, Florida died on Feb. 20 while he was working underneath a tractor trailer  at a repair shop. Another man got into the truck and moved it, running him over, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

The police reported that Emilio Carcamo, 19, worked for AV Truck Services in Orange County, Florida. He and his co-worker were working on a truck Monday afternoon.

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Workplace death in Florida.

His co-worker got into the rig and started to move it out of the repair shop. The driver told police that he did not know that Carcamo was still under the truck. He drove forward in the rig and ran the man over.  Carcamo died at Orlando Regional Medical Center. 

Our View

Tractor trailer accidents on the open road are tragedies that we hear about every day, with thousands of serious and fatal accidents occurring annually.

But there are also many accidents in tractor trailer repair and maintenance facilities and other similar workplaces each year; OSHA reports that there were 4836 total workplace fatalities in 2015.

It is the responsibility of the trucking company to make sure that the truck repair facility is operated in a safe manner. This responsibility includes providing training for employees about how to conduct vehicle repairs safely.

Spotters should always be used with tractor trailers in any type of unusual situation where the driver cannot see everything he needs to see. This can include backing up into a loading dock, or conducting repairs. If there are repairs to a rig occurring in the shop, there should be a spotter available to make certain that there are no workers under or around the truck when it is about to be moved.

Sadly, basic safety rules were not followed in this truck repair workplace accident, and a tragic death occurred. As wrongful death attorneys licensed in Virginia and North Carolina, we understand how devastating and confusing it can be to lose a loved one in a truck accident, car accident, drunk driving accident or workplace accident.

It is for that reason that we wrote this helpful legal guide What To Do If You Lost a Loved One in An Accident, which covers wrongful death scenarios.  When tragedy strikes, such as a fatal truck crash or workplace death, your biggest concern is just getting through this very difficult period and then begin to pick up the pieces of your life.

One of the things that needs to be addressed for many grieving families is how to survive financially without the primary breadwinner in the family. Our legal guide was written to help you to work through these challenging issues, and to determine if you may benefit from filing a wrongful death lawsuit to compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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