South Carolina Box Truck Driver Charged with Felony DUI

The driver of a box truck in a deadly North Charleston, South Carolina crash on Feb. 10 has been charged with felony DUI.

The box truck driver was driving on I-26 near Charleston that morning when the box truck ran off the road and slammed into a tree. The passenger in the truck was killed and the driver had minor injuries.

The box truck driver was also charged with marijuana possession.

Our View

Our drunk driving attorneys are saddened at the loss of life in this likely DUI case in South Carolina. The CDC reports that there were 3870 people killed in South Carolina in drunk driving crashes from 2003-12. The agency also reports that the people killed in South Carolina drunk driving crashes are overwhelmingly male, far above the national average. Meanwhile, 9967 people died in drunk driving crashes naationally in 2014.

Drunk driving is a true menace on our roads in America, and our lawyers do our part to reduce drunk driving accidents. We do so by suing drunk drivers in civil court. By doing so, convicted drunk drivers need to pay out of their pockets for the pain and suffering they cause, in addition to likely going to jail.

Serious truck crash in Baltimore MD.
Serious truck crash in South Carolina.

Our North Carolina and Virginia drunk driving attorneys often handle drunk driving cases that involve serious injury and sometimes death.

A drunk driving case we worked on in Norfolk involved an engineer who was leaving his gym. A drunk driver drove onto the sidewalk and hit him. He suffered serious lower leg injuries.

The drunk driving accident victim in Virginia had to have several operations on his lower leg. He could not walk without assistance for months, and he also lost extensive work time.

We could have sued the drunk driver for punitive damages, but the current laws of Virginia would not have allowed our client to have collected more compensation.

The end result of this drunk driving personal injury lawsuit was a settlement for $100,000 due to insurance policy limits.

If you have suffered serious injuries in a drunk driving crash due to the fault of a drunk driver, we want you to know that you are not alone. A good drunk driving attorney can likely help you to recover financial compensation so that you can be paid for lost work time and for your pain and suffering.

If more drunk drivers have to pay for their mistakes with jail time and financial compensation, perhaps fewer of these tragedies will happen in the future.