Pedestrian Struck By Tractor Trailer in MA

A woman suffered undisclosed injuries after she was hit by a tractor trailer in Ashburnham, Massachusetts as she was walking on the shoulder. 

The Massachusetts State Police stated that the tractor trailer struck the pedestrian in Ashburnham on Rindge State Road.

According to witnesses, the woman was walking on the shoulder after exiting her car when she was hit.

Serious truck crash in Baltimore MD.
Serious tractor trailer crash with pedestrian.

The Worcester County, Massachusetts District Attorney is current investigating the crash to determine if charges are appropriate against the truck driver.

Our View

The NHTSA states that there were 4735 pedestrians killed in the US and at least 66,000 injured. On average, a pedestrian died in an accident with a motor vehicle every two hours, and was hurt every eight minutes. 

We hope that the pedestrian in this unfortunate truck accident in Massachussetts has a full recovery. Unfortunately, tractor trailers are obviously large and heavy, and pedestrians who are hit by trucks often have a poor prognosis.

Our wrongful death and personal injury attorneys in Virginia have ample experience with deadly tractor trailer accidents where a pedestrian was struck and killed.

A client of ours died in Virginia recently on I-95 when he was hit by a tractor trailer. He was a tractor trailer driver himself; he had exited his vehicle on the shoulder of the road to check on his trailer.

At that moment, another tractor trailer driver swerved off the road and hit our client as he was standing next to his rig. He died from his injuries at a hospital hours later.

His widow hired our wrongful death attorneys to investigate the details of the truck crash and to represent her and her family. She has several small children, and the deceased trucker was the primary worker in the home. Thus, a potential settlement for the truck crash would have a major effect on her life.

It turned out that the truck driver who caused the accident had had a medical event during the wreck that caused him to swerve off the road. Adding complexity to the lawsuit was the fact that he passed away from his medical condition a few days after the crash.

Our wrongful death lawyers obtained the medical records of the other truck driver and determined that he had a medical condition that could have interfered with truck driving. We also brought in a doctor who could establish that the trucker and his firm should have known about the illness and acted upon it. His failure to do so led to a fatal accident.

We were pleased that we obtained justice in this case in the amount of $2.25 million, including a structured settlement for the children. 

If you are hurt in a truck accident, here is some helpful information about why it is so important to talk to an attorney right away: