Blown Truck Tire Leads to Fatal Crash in South Carolina

One person died and two here hurt in a fiery crash in Cherokee County, South Carolina on the night of June 13. 

The South Carolina State Police stated that two tractor trailers hit each other head on when one crossed the median on I-85 near exit 106 in Blacksburg, South Carolina. A witness reported that one of the trucks blew a tire. The trucker lost control of the rig, crossed the median, and T-boned a Freightliner tractor trailer.


The driver of the first tractor-trailer was killed; he had to be identified through dental records.

The driver and passenger in the second truck were pulled from the wreckage and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Our View

Our tractor trailer accident attorneys in Virginia are very familiar with truck crashes being caused by the possible negligence of critical safety items on trucks. One of the most common items that is neglected by truckers and trucking companies are tires.

It is very important for reasons of safety above all else for tractor trailer drivers and companies to keep a close eye on the quality and tread of their tires. All tractor trailer tires should be visually inspected before the start of every trip. In the summer especially, heat and storms may lead to serious tire problems, including potentially deadly truck tire blowouts at high speed. 

Here are some critical safety tips that tractor trailer drivers should follow regarding their truck tires to avoid serious accidents: 

  • Air pressure: All truckers should know what the air pressure requirements are for the trucks at their company. Air pressure should be checked regularly to ensure that the level is correct. It also should be checked if the tires are having trouble maintaining the proper pressure. A typical problem with truck tires is that they are underinflated; this can lead to blowouts at high speed under load.
  • Condition: Before every trip, the trucker must check each tire. Look at the treads for signs of uneven wear, any damage to sidewalls, and also listen for air leaks.
  • Tire tread: A tire that has low tread depth is more likely to blow out if you hit any debris in the road. Also, if the tire is wearing unevenly, this indicates incorrect tire pressure.
  • Any missing valve caps should be replaced right away.
  • If you strike road debris, do not continue driving! Find a place to pull over and see if there was any tire damage.

Our Virginia and North Carolina personal injury attorneys once handled a truck crash case resulting in a $650,000 verdict, where the truck that caused the accident had worn and bald tires. We showed in court that worn tires and tread separation led to the crash.

Failing to check tires can lead to disaster. If you are a truck driver, you should always check your tires at the start of every day.