SUV Driver Hits Tractor Trailer in Virginia, Killing 1

One person died in Montgomery County, Virginia after an SUV hit a tractor trailer on the shoulder of I-81 on July 4. 

The driver of the SUV was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. His license was suspended due to a DUI conviction, and more charges may be filed.


The deadly truck crash happened on I-81 south at mile marker 122, near the Christiansburg exit. The SUV slammed into the tractor-trailer which was parked on the shoulder of the highway. The passenger in the SUV died. The driver of the SUV and the tractor-trailer were uninjured.

The tractor trailer driver was not apparently at fault as the rig was on the side of the highway and flares and cones were placed behind it, as required by law.

Our View

The average American drives 13,500 miles per year, and the most populous states have some of the busiest interstates, including CA, TX, FL, VA, PA, NC and MI. Regardless of where you live, it is very important to drive safely. Unfortunately, whether it is inattention or poor driving skills, thousands of accidents happen every year on American interstates that lead to deaths and serious injuries. To stay safe on the highway and to avoid tragic accidents, keep these tips in mind:

  • Drive the speed limit. This is common sense, but so many preventable accidents on the interstate happen because people drive too fast for conditions.
  • Move over. If you see a broken down or stopped vehicle on the shoulder of the highway, it is a good idea to move over. Many states now have ‘move over/slow down’ laws that require the driver to move over or slow down when passing a vehicle stopped on the shoulder. Even if you are not required by law to do so, taking this simple precaution could avoid a terrible accident.
  • Stay alert and be well rested. Many accidents happen due to drivers being tired. You should never drive when you are not well rested.

Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia have worked on many car accidents that involve careless or reckless driving. Sometimes these accidents lead to the death of an innocent person in another vehicle, and sometimes in the vehicle of the reckless driver. That is apparently what happened in the above fatal car accident. Regardless of the connection the deceased had to the driver, it is still possible to file a wrongful death lawsuit and to recover a substantial financial award.