Small, Detached Trailers Wreak Havoc on US Highways

Most people are aware of the dangers that tractor trailers can pose on American highways. But did you know that hundreds of people die each year when small trailers detach from cars or trucks, and plow into innocent people?


Such a detached trailer accident occurred last month in Amarillo, Texas, killing three men, when a trailer came loose from a pickup truck.

A detached trailer from a car or truck often is treated as a rare, freak event in the United States. But to an innocent, injured person, or to the grieving family of someone who was killed by a detached trailer, this terrible accident happened one time too often. 

Many people don’t understand the danger of small trailers detaching from a car or truck.

Inadequate Regulations 

Big, commercial tractor trailers must adhere to federal safety guidelines regarding trailer safety. These big trailers must have reflectors on the back. They also must be inspected and feature safety gear to ensure that the rig does not become loose during travel.

However, trailers less than 3,000 pounds are exempted from federal safety guidelines. Smaller trailers do not need to have reflectors on the rear, which can make them difficult to see on the road. This oversight has led to many fatal rear end crashes over the years.

But there have been other problems with these trailers. More deaths and injuries have happened due to poor safety connections and chains between the trailer and the car or truck. If the trailer gets loose, it becomes a deadly missile for the vehicle unfortunate enough to be behind.

Sideswipe truck accident kills 1.


Who Is At Fault in a Detached Trailer Crash? 

It is inadequate in civil court to note that a detached trailer caused the crash. The injured party also must prove why the crash happened, and that the other party was negligent. This type of accident is extremely complex. A successful outcome requires the skill and expertise of excellent personal injury attorneys.

For example, if a trailer detaches and kills someone, it is possible that the accident was due to the driver not checking the hitch. Drivers sometimes skip necessary safety inspections. Or, the hitch or another piece of equipment may have failed.

How to Prove Fault

Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia have noted for years that runaway detached trailer accidents occur far too often. If you or a loved one is injured or killed in this type of tragedy, filing a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit should definitely be on the table.