Tractor Trailer Driver Charged with Fatal Hit and Run

A woman died after a fatal hit and run accident involving a tractor trailer in Memphis, Tennessee. The deadly truck crash happened in the afternoon of July 14. 

The Tennessee State Police stated that the woman was fatally hit in her vehicle before it was hit by another car. The truck driver fled the scene of the crash, but was apprehended the same day.

Serious truck crash in Baltimore MD.

He has been charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving death, and failing to provide aid.

Our View

Under traffic laws in Tennessee, you are required to stop your vehicle if you are involved in an accident. If the other party is injured, you are required to render aid. Anyone who does not do so can be charged with hit and run involving death, which is a felony and can lead to serious jail time.

Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina have been involved in several hit and run crash cases over the years. People who flee the scene of an accident, especially one involving injury or death, need to know that not only can you go to jail: You also can be sued in civil court in a personal injury or wrongful death action.

One of our personal injury lawyers handled a case in Virginia Beach where the client and her husband were hit head on by a drunk driver. The defendant wrecked his car and fled the scene on foot. He was never found by the police. The client suffered a serious shoulder injury that necessitated two surgeries. She had substantial pain and suffering, as well as medical costs and lost time from work.

Our law firm did a complete investigation and was able to find out the defendant’s name. He actually was in prison on other criminal charges, and he was driving a friend’s car at the time of the crash. The insurance company of the car owner would not pay because no one could definitively place the defendant at the scene of the crash. They also argued that the defendant was not on the policy so there was no coverage.

However, our skilled personal injury attorney was able to convince the underinsured insurance carrier to pay. Our client had full coverage on her own policy, so that hit and run, car accident case was settled for $225,000.

Anyone who is involved in a hit and run should definitely talk to a personal injury lawyer to determine the legal options, even if the identity of the driver is unknown.