Good Samaritan Killed After Tractor Trailer Crash in Iowa

The Iowa State Patrol stated on Sept. 24 that a Good Samaritan was killed while helping the driver of a flipped tractor trailer on I-80 near mile marker 209. 

At 2 AM on Sept. 22, the tractor-trailer for unknown reasons drove into the ditch on the side of the interstate and then came back onto the road. The erratic motion caused the truck to flip. Part of the road and median were blocked.

A driver of a 2007 Mercedes-Benz got out of his car to help the truck driver, who was injured. As the Mercedes driver went back to his car to call 911, he was hit by another vehicle. He was killed at the scene of the crash.

Our View

We do not really know what caused this tractor-trailer to lose control, run off the road and then flip over. However, we do know that the truck accident happened at 2 am. It is very common for tractor-trailer drivers to fall asleep at the wheel in the middle of the night. It also is common for truckers to be distracted by other things in the cab, such as a cell phone.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA states that 13% of truck drivers in a study who were involved in accidents were fatigued when the crash happened.

The FMCSA recommends several things to truck drivers to make sure that they are alert while driving. First, truckers need to get enough sleep. It is important to avoid driving if possible between 12 am and 6 am, which is when our bodies are naturally drowsy.

Second, truck drivers should maintain a healthy diet. Skipping meals or eating irregularly can cause fatigue and food cravings. Third, truck drivers should take a nap anytime they feel drowsy. Our personal injury attorneys understand that truckers need to drive to earn a living. But getting in an accident must be avoided at all costs, given how serious most truck accidents are.

Next, truckers must avoid taking any medications that make them drowsy. It is common for truckers to take prescription medication, and sometimes these drugs can lead to drowsiness.

If all truck drivers would do the above suggestions, there would be fewer serious and deadly truck crashes that cause personal injury and death. Far too many families deal with serious injury and death due to negligence by truck drivers. While filing a wrongful death lawsuit can result in millions in damages, a family can never replace their loved one.