Hit and Run Big Rig Driver Injures 3 in Georgia

A tractor-trailer driver fled the scene of a serious truck crash late in the evening of Nov. 8. Three people were injured and one was in critical condition. 

The Georgia Highway Patrol reported Nov. 9 that a 1996 Lexus was struck by the big rig on I-475 southbound in Bibb County, Georgia. The Lexus driver then lost control of his car, which flew off the highway and came to rest in the woods off of the shoulder of the road.

The car driver and two passengers suffered serious injuries. All of them currently are listed in stable condition at a local hospital.

The Georgia Highway Patrol has issued a looked out for the tractor-trailer in the area of southern Bibb County along I-75.

Our View

The laws of Georgia require that the driver of any vehicle that is involved in an accident with injury or death involved in another driver or passenger to stop immediately. The driver is required to do the following:

  • Give his or her name and address and the registration number of the truck that they are driving.
  • Render aid to the person, including transporting the person to obtain medical care.
  • If the person or persons are seriously injured, the driver must make all efforts to ensure that emergency medical care and police are contacted immediately.

When a hit and run crash in Georgia results in death or serious injury, leaving the scene of the accident is a felony. If the truck driver is convicted of a hit and run in Georgia, a truck accident personal injury attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit. In that way, the injured parties may be able to obtain financial damages either through their insurance company, the other party’s insurance company, or through a civil lawsuit.

As Virginia and North Carolina personal injury attorneys, we want to point out that it is the obligation of all truck drivers to drive in a safe manner. If a truck driver is in an accident, he or she is required to stop and render aid immediately. Truck drivers who foolishly get in an accident and leave the accident scene are asking for trouble. If the injured parties in this truck accident have suffered serious injuries, the truck driver could be facing a felony offense and hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in personal injury liability. It is never worth leaving the scene of an accident, especially a truck driver with a CDL.