11 Injured When Tractor Trailer Brakes Fail

A tractor-trailer in Churchill, Pennsylvania with failing brakes exited I-376 near Pittsburgh on Nov. 17 and hit several cars, leading to a chain reaction truck crash that left 11 injured. 

Churchill police stated that the driver of the tractor-trailer exited the interstate and his brakes failed. The big rig was unable to slow down and he then slammed into nine cars that were stopped at a light at Rohdi Road.

Two of the injured were women in their 70s. They were taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. Local police are still investigating the crash. It is not clear if the truck driver will be charged.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys who specialize in tractor-trailer crashes hope that the injured people in this truck crash recover soon. All truck drivers and trucking companies have a responsibility to make sure that their rigs are safe for the road. Unfortunately, brake failures on tractor trailers are common.

A recent Brake Safety Day inspection program that was held throughout the US and Canada on Sept. 7 by highway patrol officers and inspectors found that 14% of trucks checked were put out of service because of brake issues. This is a major problem. Brake systems that are functioning properly are important to ensure that commercial vehicles are operating safely. If brakes are poorly maintained or improperly installed, braking efficiency can be compromised. This can lead to much longer stopping distances for large buses and trucks. The risks posed to the public can be dire.

People who have been injured by a tractor-trailer should keep in mind that they do have legal options available. If they have suffered serious personal injuries or a loved one died due to the negligence of a truck driver, it is possible to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in Virginia or North Carolina. Truck crashes often lead to very serious and fatal injuries, given the size of the vehicle.

Our personal injury law firm settled a Norfolk, Virginia truck crash for $600,000 a few years ago. At first, the insurer only offered $25,000. But our personal injury attorneys were able to obtain underinsured motorist coverage from the insurer for the vehicle our client was driving. We also were able to obtain underinsured motorist coverage from another policy. This type of aggressive action in a truck accident case is often required so that the injured or family can receive the type of compensation they deserve.