Big Rig Crashes Into Maryland Home, Injuring 5

Five people were hurt in a truck crash in Clements, Maryland when a truck left the road and crashed into a home on Feb. 23.

Local police stated the 72 year old truck driver was driving his rig in Clements eastbound on Budds Creek Road at a traffic circle at Colton Point Road when he lost control of the truck. The trailer passed through the traffic circle, hit a curb and crossed into the westbound lanes. The truck then struck the home, which had a man, woman and two children inside.

The man and woman were taken to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, while the children were taken to the hospital out of precaution.

It is unclear what caused this serious truck crash but the police are continuing to investigate.

Our View

Tractor trailer crashes are much more serious than typical car crashes. They are very large and heavy, and typically outweigh a car by 75,000 pounds. It is very easy to see how a tractor trailer crash can lead to very serious injuries. When a truck crashes into a house, it is also common for very serious injuries to occur, as well as major structural damage to the home.

As truck accident attorneys, most of the cases we see have the following causes:

  • Driver error: Truck drivers have a legal responsibility to drive safely. But truck drivers make mistakes. It is very common for truck drivers to drive when they are tired. It also is common for them to be distracted by cell phones while they are on the road. Our Virginia personal injury attorneys once settled a truck accident case for $5.5 million where the truck driver fell asleep and rear ended our clients’ small car. Their two small children in the back seat suffered serious head injuries.
  • Poor maintenance: Trucks are driving thousands of miles each week. To keep up with the wear and tear, trucks must be maintained. But it is all too common for equipment failures to lead to major truck accidents. If brakes are not maintained, a failure can occur at the worst possible time.
  • Bad weather: Poor weather can make it harder for the trucker to drive, especially if he is not well trained and is in a hurry. No matter the weather, the truck driver has a legal obligation to drive safely. He must slow down or even pull over if road conditions do not allow safe travel.
  • Cargo loading: If a trailer is not properly loaded and is overweight, this can cause serious accidents.