Several Injuries in Minnesota Bus Crash on I-94

Several people were hurt last night in a bus crash on I-94 near St. Michael, Minnesota. The Minnesota State Patrol reported the accident happened at 6:46 PM at I-94 and Highway 241. 

The bus was taking the women’s basketball team from Highland Community College in Illinois.

The police stated the bus was going east when the driver had a medical episode. The bus drove into the median, hit trees and a sign, and drove off into a ditch.

The bus driver was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. There were 11 people injured and all were taken to a hospital. None of the injuries are serious.

Our View

Our Virginia truck and bus accident attorneys are glad no one was seriously hurt in this accident. Medical episodes can occur with truck and bus drivers, and when it happens, a very serious accident can happen.

One of our Virginia clients was killed a few years ago when he had pulled over on I-95 to check on his trailer. Another trucker passing by veered off the road and hit our client. He died at a hospital later.

This truck crash case was unusual because the driver who caused tha ccident died a few days after the accident. He had medical complications from an underlying illness.

A major part of our legal strategy was getting the medical records of the liable truck driver, because it was clear that he had a medical problem and it could have affected his ability to drive. Commercial truck drivers must be checked physically regularly and cannot drive if they have medical conditions that affect their ability to drive.

The defense tried to argue a sudden medical emergency, but our Virginia attorneys showed that this was not the case. Rather, the man had a medical condition that he knew about, and his employer should have known about too. In the end, this case was settled for $2.25 million. So even in a case where there is a sudden medical emergency claimed, proper legal representation can still result in a sizeable settlement.