CT Police Use I-95 Truck Crash As Reminder to Stay Safe

Connecticut State Police used a four tractor trailer and one car crash on I-95 to remind drivers to drive carefully this past week. State police reported that the serious truck crash happened at 12:20 am on I-95 near West Haven.

The police stated three of the trucks and the car were traveling in the right lane when they had to slow down for construction. The fourth big rig did not slow and slammed into the car from the rear, lodging it under the rear of the truck in front of it. 

Three of the big rigs and the car had serious damage, and the car driver suffered serious injuries.

The police reminded drivers that it is very important to pay attention to the road at all times and to slow down when in a construction zone.

Our View

Construction zones are almost always very well marked with orange barrels and warning signs. All drivers know they need to slow down in construction zones, and yet, accidents still happen every day. It is especially alarming when a tractor trailer fails to slow in a construction zone and gets in a serious accident with a car in front of it. Obviously, the car is much smaller than the truck and can cause serious and devastating injuries to car passengers.

It is not clear why the truck driver in the above accident did not slow down, but it is noteworthy that the accident happened at 12 am. Truck drivers drive long hours on the road and often drive at night. But human beings are naturally drowsy from 12 am to 6 am, and this is when many serious truck accidents occur. It is possible the truck driver nodded off behind the wheel or was distracted for some reason.

Our tractor trailer attorneys in Virginia wish to stress to all truck drivers that they have an obligation to drive in a safe manner. This includes getting enough rest so that they can drive without risk to other drivers. It also means slowing down in construction zones.

When a truck driver drives in a negligent manner and causes a serious accident, both he and the trucking company can be sued in civil court, either in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Truck drivers should remember this the next time they are driving in a construction zone.