3 Die in Accident with Dump Truck in Maryland

Three people died in an SUV accident with a dump truck on May 14, according to to the Maryland State Police. Police say all of the victims were killed at the scene in Newburg, Maryland. 

Investigators stated the driver of the truck was driving on MD Route 234 towards the intersection of Penns Hill Road. The SUV was driving down Penns Hill Road, but the vehicle failed to stop and slammed into the dump truck.

Police are continuing to investigate the accident.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia are saddened that this apparent failure to stop led to a car accident with three deaths. We would like to stress taht stop signs and red lights are designed to safely manage traffic and keep drivers out of danger. Most of us adhere to the rules and stop when we are supposed to, but sadly, some drivers do not and serious accidents happen.

Some drivers even disregard their own safety, as may have happened in the accident above. People get distracted when driving or are in a hurry and fail to stop at a red light or stop sign.

These types of deadly accidents are all too common. The Federal Highway Administration states that 45% of car accidents happen at a road intersection and the cause is usually a driver failing to stop, such as running a red light. This means there are thousands of car accidents every year because a driver does not stop when they should. So many of these accidents are preventable. All of us just need to slow down, leave on time, and not get distracted by things such as cell phones when driving. Many serious and fatal car accidents would be prevented.

If you are the victim of a driver who fails to stop or yield and you suffer accident injuries, you have the right to be compensated in a civil lawsuit. Our Virginia personal injury attorneys recently settled a Virginia Beach car accident case for $1 million where the defendant failed to yield right of way to our client who was traveling east on Virginia Beach Blvd.

The accident led to very serious lower body injuries for our client that took many months of recovery. If the defendant had simply obeyed the rules of the road, the accident would never have happened. This serious failure to stop accident should serve as a reminder to all of us to obey stop signs, red lights and yield signs.