Rear-End Tractor Trailer Crash Causes Serious Injuries




One driver suffered serious injuries after a rear end crash involving two tractor trailers near Newburgh, New Jersey. The serious truck accident happened on May 14 at 3:52 pm. 

Police reported the crash happened when one tandem tractor trailer that had slowed in the right lane of the interstate for construction, was rear ended by another tractor trailer at a high rate of speed.

The driver of the second truck came to a stop under the first truck. He was trapped in the cab until he was rescued by a local fire department. He was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the first truck had minor injuries.

Our View

Truck drivers, like all drivers on public roads, are required to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of them. If they rear end another vehicle, such as in a construction zone, they will usually be considered at fault. Rear end tractor trailer crashes happen often across the US and usually are for the following reasons:

  • Poor brakes: Poorly maintained brakes are a major problem with trucking companies. Federal regulations require trucks to be maintained and repaired regularly before they are driven, but trucking companies often will allow their drivers to drive without maintaining the truck.
  • Poor lighting: Some rear end crashes are caused by poor lighting at night. When a truck driver is not paying attention carefully, he might fail to see the car in front of him, leading to a serious crash.
  • Impairment: If a truck driver is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, his reasoning, reflexes and judgement will be reduced. Some truck drivers are on prescription medication that makes them sleepy, and this causes accidents.
  • Drowsy driving: Truckers drive many hours without a break. It is common for drivers to fall asleep behind the wheel. Even though there are regulations that limits how many hours they can drive in a row, some drivers exceed the limit and drive when they are tired.
  • Distraction: Far too many truckers are distracted by cell phones. It is illegal for truck drivers to use a cell phone with their hands while driving, but many do, and serious accidents result.

When a person is injured by a negligent truck driver in a crash, he or she can sue for personal injuries. Their families can sue for wrongful death, such as this $3.5 million settlement our truck accident attorneys handled a few years ago. These tragic cases are a potent reminder for truck drivers to pay attention behind the wheel at all times.