KY State Troopers Use Tractor Trailers to Catch Texters

Kentucky State Police are using tractor trailers to spot distracted drivers on the highways, such as drivers who are texting and driving. 

Each Memorial Day weekend, which is one of the biggest travel days of the year, state troopers use big rigs so they can see down into smaller vehicles to see who is doing things while driving that they should not.

According to one of the state troopers, this tactic gives the police a better perspective on how many people text and drive. Also, they use the technique to spot people who are not wearing seatbelts and children not in proper carseats.

In one recent incident, a state trooper saw a pickup truck driver texting with both hands as he was driving. Texting and driving violations cost $35 in Kentucky, in addition to court costs.

Our View

Our Virginia personal injury attorneys are pleased to see that state troopers are using new tactics to spot distracted driving. Texting and driving is extremely dangerous. One of the most alarming statistics that CDC has released recently is that 3,000 teenagers and young drivers die every year because of texting and driving. Approximately 2700 die in drunk driving crashes. This means eight people are killed every day and ther are 1161 injuries that involve distracted driving with young drivers.

But teenagers are not the only guilty ones. A survey done by AT&T found that 49% of adult drivers in America admitted they text and drive. In the same survey, at least 90% of drivers knew the practice was dangerous, and yet they still do it. Why do people do this? Some experts believe people compulsively check their cell phones because when we get an alert, our brain releases a signal that makes us feel happier and connected. Drivers often do this behind the wheel because it is a strong habit, and it makes some feel more productive.

People need to be regularly reminded to not text and drive because it is irresponsible and dangerous behavior. If you get into an accident that injures or kills another driver, you could be held liable in a civil lawsuit. When people are killed in car or truck accidents due to negligence of a driver, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed. A lawsuit settlement in this type of legal action can provide the family with much needed financial relief when they have gone through the devastating loss of a loved one.