Are Older Truck Drivers Causing the Increase in Truck Accidents?

According to national statistics, about 70 percent of all merchandise and goods that are sold in this country are transported by commercial trucks. Unfortunately, there is a national truck driver shortage, and this has led to a large number of older truck drivers. A recent study concluded that the number of trucking accidents may be on the increase because of these older drivers.

The study found that approximately 10 percent of all commercial truck drivers are over 65 years of age. Many of these drivers have delayed retirement or have come back to the job after taking a break. However, there are also a substantial number of older truck drivers who are new to the job and have little to no background or experience in operating these massive vehicles.




The study also found that the crash rate among older truck drivers has increased by 20 percent in just the past three years. For example, in just the dozen states the researchers gathered their data from, there were more than 6,500 truck accidents in a two-year period that involved trucked truck drivers who were anywhere between the ages of 70 to 90 years old.

Federal law prohibits age discrimination. If a truck driver is able to pass medical and vision tests, complete truck driver training and obtain their CDL, they cannot be prohibited from driving. But it is substantially documented that as people age, their reflexes become slower and less responsible. Older adults also tend to fall asleep while driving, especially if they are taking certain prescribed medications. All of this means that an older truck driver is potentially putting other commuters in danger of being injured or killed in a crash.



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