Logging Truck Driver Causes Chain Reaction Crash in NC

Police say a logging truck was responsible for a recent chain-reaction accident on NC18/US 64 in Chesterfield, NC. According to a trooper with the State Highway Patrol, a 73-year-old Union  Mills man was driving a logging truck that went through an intersection and smashed into the back of a Toyota Yaris that was stopped behind two vehicles that were waiting for a vehicle to turn into a private driveway.  The impact of the crash sent the Yaris into the vehicle in front of it, which then hit a third vehicle. The 57-year-old male driver of the Yaris was transported to Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge in Morganton. No information has been released regarding his condition. The driver of the logging truck was charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.

Logging Truck Accidents

The forest products industry is a major contributor to North Carolina’s economy. Unfortunately, that also means there are a large number of logging trucks on North Carolina roads. Because of their size – and massive weight when hauling a full load – logging truck accidents are often severe, resulting in catastrophic injuries and death for the occupants in the other vehicles. And despite technology and regulations, the incidents of logging truck accidents are increasing each year instead of decreasing.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Forest Engineering in 2019 found that fatal logging truck accidents spiked by more than 40 percent in one five-year period. Logging truck accidents in general increased by more than 30 percent during the same time period. The average age of the logging trucks involved in fatal crashes was 13 years, compared to other types of trucks involved in truck accidents, with an average age of 7.6 years.

The data showed that the logging trucks rolled over in 25 percent of the fatal crashes (compared to 12 percent with other types of trucks). The study concluded that the current training programs for truck drivers do not prepare them adequately for operating large trucks. Researchers used data collected by the Fatality Analysis Reporting Systems (FARS) to determine these numbers.

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