What Do I Do If My Virginia Truck Accident Was Caused by a Blind Spot?

Commercial trucks have huge blind spots that must be constantly monitored to prevent crashes. Unfortunately, drowsy driving, carelessness, driver distraction, and other types of negligence often draw focus away from the vehicle’s blind spots and result in a catastrophic Virginia truck accident.

It is not uncommon for victims hurt in blind spot accidents to be too injured to work while still facing an ominous pile of medical bills. We believe that no one should be forced to deal with the repercussions of someone else’s negligence. As a victim, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your Virginia truck accident injuries and monetary losses through a lawsuit.

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How Many Blind Spots Do Trucks Have?

All vehicles have blind spots, but due to a commercial truck’s enormous size, its blind spots are proportionally bigger. Tractor-trailers have four major blind spots:

  • Right side: The blind spot on the righthand side of a truck fans out at a backward angle from behind the right wing mirror, making the two lanes to the right almost invisible. 
  • Left side: The blind spot on the lefthand side of a truck does the same, spreading at a backward angle from behind the left wing mirror and obscuring the two lanes to the left. 
  • Front: Due to the tractor unit’s large engine compartment, truckers are unable to see roughly 20 feet ahead of their vehicle 
  • Rear: Drivers have no means of seeing directly behind their trailer and a rear-facing blind spot can stretch as far as 30 feet behind it

If you were injured in a Virginia truck accident by a driver who failed to monitor their blind spots, you are entitled to pursue compensation by filing a suit against them. According to Virginia law, any person found to be at fault for a traffic accident is financially and legally liable for the damages they cause.

How Is Liability for Blind Spot Accidents Determined?

What Do I Do If My Virginia Truck Accident Was Caused by a Blind Spot?

An important aspect of any motor vehicle accident case is establishing who was at fault for causing the accident. Insurance adjusters, police officers, lawyers, and other investigators collect and study various types of evidence to determine exactly what and who contributed to the crash. 

Some forms of evidence commonly used to prove fault include:

  • Black box data: Black boxes are electronic logging devices that gather data including hours of service, drive time, and the direction, speed, and location of the collision.
  • Police accident reports: Police reports contain useful details like vehicle information, police observations about the vehicles and road conditions, eyewitness testimony, and any traffic citations that were issued.  
  • The truck company’s records: Any documentation about screening, hiring, performance, training, and dispatches may provide valuable insights into who was at fault. 
  • Cell phone records: These records can show if a truck driver was on his phone or using it in a distracting manner when the accident occurred. 
  • Expert testimony: This includes taking statements from various professionals such as accident reconstruction experts. 

Talk to A Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer About Your Blind Spot Claim

Virginia’s law of pure contributory negligence can make collecting financial compensation difficult. If the insurance company or trucking company manages to persuade the court that you were even a teeny bit to blame for the crash, you could end up losing your right to seek recovery for your damages.  

The Virginia Beach truck accident lawyers at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp take an assertive approach to help you collect full and fair compensation from the moment you sign with us. We know how to effectively investigate these kinds of claims, identify the at-fault party, and seek maximum compensation for our clients. If you were injured because a careless truck driver failed to check their blind spots, contact our law offices right away by calling (833) 997-1774 or through our online contact form. 

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