What Are the Psychological Effects of a Virginia Commercial Truck Accident?

When thinking about a commercial truck accident, almost everyone considers the serious physical injuries and property damage they usually cause. Unfortunately, a commercial truck accident can do just as much damage, if not more, to your mental health as it can to your physical health. 

Can a Virginia truck accident impact my mental health?

Truck accident victims often experience profound psychological impacts. In addition to substantial physical injury, they usually develop long-term emotional and mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, phobia, and anxiety. 

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How Does a Traumatic Event Affect a Victim’s Brain?

For some, the psychological ramifications of a commercial truck accident are fleeting. For others, however, the incident can cause notable disruptions in the neurological processes of their brain that endure for months, particularly if they have wounds and scars that serve as a constant reminder. 

The human brain is a complex network of chemical connections, hormones, and neurons. In a typical brain, all of the elements work together performing very specific and necessary functions. After a traumatic incident, like a truck accident, the brain can begin to produce an abundance of the stress hormone cortisol. This activates the body’s fight-or-flight response, prompting an increased and prolonged state of panic that does not go away once the accident is over.  

Common Types of Trauma Caused by Truck Accidents 

It is important to understand that experiencing emotional trauma after any significant event is completely normal. The severity of the accident, the physical pain caused by your injuries combined with heavy concerns regarding monetary losses can have a substantial impact on your mental well-being.

The most common kinds of mental trauma victims experience after a Virginia truck accident are:

Seeking immediate medical care after a trucking accident is essential to diagnosing, addressing, and treating mental health issues.  

Symptoms of Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma includes all the mental and emotional anguish that follows a trucking accident. Some symptoms that may indicate you are experiencing emotional trauma include: 

  • Hallucinations and flashbacks of the accident
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Nightmares relating to the accident
  • Constant stress, fear, and worry
  • Difficulty concentrating, confusion
  • Fits of rage for no apparent reason
  • Lethargy

Truck accident victims can also feel anxious, angry, irritable, or fearful. They often have major depressive episodes, seem to be unable to regulate their moods, and lack an interest in things they used to enjoy. Another pitfall often encountered by truck accident victims is consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, and abusing or misusing prescription drugs, or other controlled or illegal substances.

Impacts on Daily Life

Since they often have flashbacks or nightmares about the event, a lot of trucking accident victims have problems sleeping or getting pleasure and enjoyment out of everyday activities. Many victims also develop life-altering phobias related to driving. It can make daily life difficult when your work commute or even a simple trip to the market is out of the question.  

Impacts on Personal Life

A lot of truck accident victims end up withdrawing from human contact and basic social interactions, particularly with anyone associated with their accident. Their personal relationships suffer due to personality changes and panic attacks, ultimately leading to failed friendships, break-ups, and often even divorces.  

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