Can a Defective Truck Part Cause an Accident?

Commercial trucks are involved in thousands of deadly accidents every year. Sadly, many of these crashes are preventable and stem from issues caused by defective truck parts, which can lead to operational problems or engine failure while the truck is in use and cause an accident. Understanding the most common vehicle defects that are found in commercial trucks can help reduce the number of catastrophic accidents and help keep the roads safe for everyone who uses them. If you were involved in a commercial truck accident that was caused by a mechanical failure, the Virginia Beach truck accident lawyers at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp can help. We have been helping clients injured in trucking accidents secure fair financial compensation since 1985. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. 

What Is a Defective Truck Part?

Any part of a truck that is faulty or does not work properly could be considered defective. Some common examples of defective truck parts are:

  • Old or faulty tires that pose a risk of blowouts due to inadequate tread depth, improper inflation, or tread separation
  • Faulty brake parts, such as brake hoses and brake lines, can cause a truck’s brakes to fail
  • Malfunctioning parts in the steering system, such as failing ball joints, can make it hard for truckers to operate their rigs safely 

These and other defective truck parts can be hazardous since they can make it difficult for truck drivers to maintain control of their vehicles or cause trucks to stop working entirely. When a defective part results in a truck accident, a Virginia Beach truck accident lawyer can help you hold the responsible parties liable for the harm they caused. 

How Do Defective Parts Cause Truck Accidents?

Defective parts can lead to serious trucking accidents in multiple ways, such as: 

  • A tire blowout can cause the driver to lose control of their truck and collide with other vehicles
  • A faulty brake part can result in brake failure, making it very difficult or even impossible for the truck to stop leading to rear-end and jackknife accidents.
  • A defect in the truck’s steering system could cause the driver to have difficulty navigating the truck, potentially causing intersection and rollover accidents.  

Many truck accidents caused by defective parts are the result of poor maintenance or inadequate inspection. In addition to the defective parts listed above, malfunctioning electrical systems and other faults can cause trucks to stall, making them prone to collisions with other vehicles.

Many commercial trucking accidents cause serious injuries or deaths for the occupants of the smaller vehicle. That is just one of the reasons why freight companies, truck operators, and parts manufacturers need to prevent truck accidents from taking place by making sure that every truck on the road is outfitted with parts that are safe and well-maintained.

Who Is Liable When a Defective Truck Part Causes an Accident?

Truck part manufacturers have a duty of care to produce reliable and safe parts for commercial trucks. The parts must be rigorously tested before they are put on the market and any parts that are determined to be defective should be immediately recalled. The truck’s owner and their employer also have a duty of care to routinely inspect and maintain their trucks and repair or replace any damaged or worn parts. 

Drivers and their employers are responsible for regularly inspecting a truck’s brake system, tires, and steering system. Other parties, including suppliers and mechanics, are also responsible for making sure that the parts used on commercial trucks are safe.  

Talk to a Virginia Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

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