Study Finds Big Rig Parking Shortage Leading to Accidents

By Randy Appleton, Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

Parking shortages along interstates could be causing truckers to continue to drive when they are tired. Or, they may end up spending the night on an exit ramp or...

Woman Crushed by Mack Truck in Caroline County VA

By Randy Appleton, Virginia Trucking Injury Lawyer

A woman died earlier this week in Caroline County, Virginia after her a Mack truck slammed into her vehicle and then rolled over on top of it. She died at the...

9 Professional Truckers From West Virginia Compete in Safety Championships

By Richard Shapiro, Virginia Trucking Injury Lawyer

Nine professional big rig drivers from West Virginia are competing in the National Truck Driving Championships that took place Aug. 11-15 in St. Louis MO.

They joined...