Truck Drivers’ Large Blind Spots to Blame for Many Crashes

During 2017, the leading identifiable causes of crashes caused by commercial truck drivers in Virginia were

  • Following too close
  • Improper lane change
  • Improper turn
  • Failure to...

Bike Advocates Want Safety Guards on Truck Trailers

Bicycle is on a lot of minds in Massachusetts this month, as state legislators are considering how to make roads safer for bikers. Last week, there was a proposal to mandate safety guards on all big rigs that operate in Massachusetts.

The state...

Kentucky Man Rear Ended and Killed by Big Rig

A retired firefighter from Ashland, Kentucky died in a violent four vehicle wreck on I-75 in Kentucky that involved three tractor trailers.

The former firefighter was driving a Dodge Caravan that was rear ended by a big rig, which caused the...

Congress Could Hide Truck Safety Records

A bill that is pending in Congress could block the American public from viewing trucking firms' safety ratings online. This is a change that the trucking lobby has long wanted because they maintain the system is unfair.

That online database was...

How Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Prove Negligence

Commercial truck crashes have devastating consequences on innocent people every day. When a big rig driver is negligent and collides with a passenger vehicle, terrible injuries and even death can occur.

When a truck crash occurs, the truck...

Big Rig Driver Charged in Wreck That Killed 3

A tractor trailer driver was charged this week in connection to a wreck in Rockingham County NC that killed two adults and a three year old boy. The truck driver was charged with three counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and one count of...